Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Kate Moss for Topshop collection

Hello, long time no see or write……..

I have been really bad lately with keeping up with things, sorry guys. Hopefully now I have managed to catch up with a few things, attended a few family and friends events and work has calmed down I will now be back on track.

On another note, I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with Kate Moss's new collection for Topshop. I am so excited for the 30th of April when it launches online and in stores. I loved her last collection 2007, it is so happy they are collaborating again. As I look through the new collection on Vogue News, I know I need to scrimp and save as much I can, as I nearly want all of it. So eBay here I come, I'm clearing out the old ready for the new!

This collection is the perfect amount of biker meets boho, one of the styles I love the most. The dresses are just beautiful with amazing cuts and there is so much fringing. Suede fringing, leather fringing, beaded fringing…….

In advance I would like to apologise to my bank balance.

Thanks for reading, mucho love.
Betsy xo
P.S Which are your favourite pieces?

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Styling for Jodie Mason | Outfit three

Jacket : River Island | Dress : Vintage (vintage shop in Coventry?) | Shoes : Topshop 
Necklace : New Look | Earrings : New Look

Heya guys, sorry it has been a while I have a had such a hectic last few weeks. Just been mega busy. Work is crazy at to mo, trying to design and get all our customers orders sorted ready for getting LPBs new AW14/15 collections ready. 

I'm also looking at the catwalks for autumn/winter at the minute, I think would quite happily skip summer and just move straight onto autumn. There is going to be some amazing trends eek. Will get some mood boards up for you in a few weeks so you lot can feel as inspired as I am.

Any hooo, I digress. Todays post is of my final outfit I styled for the lovely Jodie Mason's photoshoot. I call this outfit, vintage street glamour! :/ ha haa. How amazing is this vintage dress though? The beading is so beautifully done. I brought this dress at the clothes show in December, I'm quite annoyed at myself because I have forgotten the name of the shop. They are from Coventry......and thats all i can remember......Sorry guys.

I wanted to dress down the dress with the blue suede jacket used in the earlier pictures by Jodie, I also added the chunky gold chain from New Look and I thought the shoes from Topshop really made the pink colours in the dress stand out more. Or POP as I really wanted to say, but my mind was saying it sounded stupid......Even though I have just said it :s

Hope you have an amazing weekend readers, as always let me know your thoughts below, share if you like and be happy to be you :D


Sunday, 9 March 2014

Styling for Jodie Mason : Outfit two

Jacket : River Island | Dress : Zara | Shoe : Topshop | Polo Shirt : Betsy Olive (coming soon)
Necklaces : Both New Look | Earrings : New Look | Beanie Hat : Made Specially by Me

Hey guys, hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. It's about time we had some vitamin D come our way ;b 

Today I'm posting the second outfit I styled for the lovely Jodie Mason's photoshoot. Again modelled by Madeline who had her amazing makeup done by Ruhila from Blush. I had so much fun styling this shoot, I can not wait to style some more shoots soon.

Outfit two was intended to be girly with a edge, I love this dress from Zara. It is made out of a good quality PU in the most gorgeous pink colour. I teamed this dress with a cropped polo shirt with safety pin collar detail, tucked underneath which is from a collection I am due to release for the summer. I can not wait to release it soon. 

I'm really looking forward to the week I have ahead, meeting an old friend for mind mapping for my new website. Then I'm off the see Chvches play in Cambridge with a bestie and I have a fun week at work ahead. Ah life is good :D

Thanks for reading, hope you like and I see you in the next one.

Betsy xo

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Styling for Jodie Mason | Outfit One

Photographer : Jodie Mason | Model : Madeline Scriven | MUA : Blush

Embroidered Jacket : Topshop(SS13) | Ribbed Crop Top : Topshop | Pink Netted Midi Skirt : Topshop (linked simular)
Gold Curb Chain : New Look (In store) | Gold Daisy Chain : New Look (In store) | Shoes : New Look

Hey guys, so I'd thought I share with you the first outfit from Jodie Mason Photoshoot I was lucky to style for. I went for a girly look but wanted to toughen the look up by adding gold chains and bomber style jacket. Unfortunately this jacket is no longer available as I got it from Topshop in the summer. I sure if you search ebay you will be able to find it.

It was such a beautiful day for the shoot, which made me so happy for Jodie, as the day before it was tipping it down. 

I styled three outfits for Jodie but I thought I'd show you in three different blog post. By the way I'm trying to layout images a little different, it would be great to hear your thoughts. Do you think it works? Just wanted to be more creative with what I post for you guys.

Thanks for reading, don't forget to click the widget's below and follow my other pages :D



Monday, 24 February 2014

London Fashion Weekend 2014

Stylish Monochrome.

Effortlessly Cool

Bloggers : T&F Fashion

Stylish and Sleek

Blogger : She Hearts Fashion

Bright Touches

Collars, Checks and Florals

Wow what a day at London Fashion Weekend. It was a beautiful day in London on Saturday, the sun was shining and who ever attended looked fabulous. I met some really nice friendly people and discovered some great new brands. So I have a wish list as long as my arm.

It's great that some of the trends we have seen for a few seasons now are still going strong with not even a hint they are fading. One of these is Monochrome, I'm absolutely in love with this trend creating instant class to any outfit. My favorite trend though has to be the 90s grunge, it is just so effortlessly cool. Checks are getting larger and are being teamed with tailored pastel coloured coats so are daisy prints.

On the catwalk it was clear to see that in the spring/ summer we should all be wearing metallics, pastel coloured lace and bold florals. 

Whilst I was there I went to see the Isabella Blow exhibition, it was amazing. I loved that woman, she made such massive contribution to fashion. I feel she deserves a blogpost all to herself. So watch this space :)Being in London this weekend has not only inspired me but also given me some confidence in what I'm trying to do. Especially after meeting some lovely ladies, photographers and getting some great advice.

As always thanks for reading and I'll see you in the next one.BetsyXo

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